Virtual Men’s Groups

Group 1 (Stockholm) Contact: Frederic Loiret,

Virtual Nordics Contact: Mark Thorpe

Want to start a new virtual iGroup?

Contact: Mike Holdstock,

Do you already have a MKP men’s group and want to get on this list?

Do you want to start a new group and want to get on this list to tell other men that you are interested to start up?

Do you seek for support in starting a new men’s group?

Contact: Fredrik Christensson,
Mike Holdstock,

Men’s Groups in Sweden and Norway

We have men’s groups in Sweden and Norway


Contact: Stefan Emanuelsson,

Mannabränne, Höör

Contact 1: Staffan Sjöstedt,
Contact 2: Fredrik Christensson,

Män i Väst, Göteborg

Contact: Jesper Andén,


Contact: Mike Holdstock,


Contact 1: Navid Modiri,
Contact 2: Kasper Stanek,


Krister Hervén,

Oslo (not active but want to start up again)

Contact: Craig Malpass,


Contact 1: Tomasz Halkiewicz,
Contact 2: Gabriel Andersson,

Umeå (not active but want to start up)

Contact: Kalle Grill,


Contact: Fredrik Ampler,