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The New Warrior Adventure Training
The next The New Warrior Adventure Training
March 29-31th, 2019

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Photo: Kai Schaper

We run trainings

In October 2017, we ran the second New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) in the Nordic region. Again with great success.

This years NWTA is October 5-7th, 2018.
We also run additional trainings for men who have completed their NWTA, and some trainings open to all men.

We run men’s groups

The majority of our work takes place in men’s circles, self-help groups which use a structured format and processes which support members’ self-awareness and development.

These groups are ”peer-to-peer” – men supporting other men knowing that this support will be returned.

We can inspire

We organise and support the establishment of peer-to-peer men’s groups.

Together we have gathered many years of successful work in men’s circles and can give you valuable support in setting up a group.

Our purpose is to support men towards greater self-insight and greater control of their lives.

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