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Sep 9 – 11 at Mundekulla Sweden
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Nov 25-27 at Brevik Sweden
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New Warrior Training Adventure is the starting point of your work. The work to become more aware of your strength and your weakness, of your courage and your fears. Step towards being the man you want to be.

Our training is where you will be invited to do your own work with the full support of many men who will be there for you and hold you in a space you’ve never experienced before.
The New Warrior Training Adventure is, since its start in 1985, a powerful and proven training where to date over 70 000 men have participated.

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What do we do on the weekend?

Extract from a text by Jim Mitchell, Arizona

The weekend is a process that contains smaller processes within it.
Some of it, not much, but some, is about lovingly and compassionately confronting you about the choices you are making as a man today; choices that may be based on denial, delusion or fantasy. Most of it, though, is about what is in your heart. Men who have never been lovingly confronted may find this experience a challenge. I need to be clear that we are not a fraternity and this is not hazing. This is, instead, a challenge.

The outcome for me, as I said, was an understanding of what mature masculinity is all about. What is the Mature Masculine? This is simple.

As a man, I am accountable. That means that as a man, I take full responsibility for my choices, my words, my actions and most importantly, what my choices, words and actions invite into and create in my life. I blame no one for what happens in my life.

As a man, I choose to live a life based on integrity. I keep my agreements with others so that they can trust me. I keep my agreements with myself. I am who I say I am. Period.

As a man, my thoughts, my words, my feelings, my actions and my body language are congruent. That means they are in agreement and alignment with each other. I do not say one thing and do another. I do not deny my feelings and act as if everything is OK when it is not.

As a man, I own my Shadows, those parts of me that may not be very nice parts of me that I hide, repress or deny. Those parts of me I do not want you to know about me yet “leak” out into my life and my relationships anyway.

As a man, I own my reality; this is who I am as a man, nothing more, and most assuredly, nothing less.
I have stepped into my power. Getting my power back is about having the intention, the will and the ability to act in a powerful manner on my own behalf and do what is necessary that is in my own interest, so that I can thrive as my Creator intended me to.

As a man, I have given up the illusion of control. I have given up my need to tell the work and everyone in it how they ought to be. I have given up my need to judge others and to believe that I am superior to them based on those judgments. The adult in me, not the needy little boy in me, is in charge of my life. The difference is phenomenal.

Because I am accountable, because I am a man of integrity, because I have owned my shadows, because I own my reality and I have stepped into my power…others, especially my loved ones, are safe with me. And, I am safe with myself.

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